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K-5th GRADE LESSON June 28th

June 28th

Today we are finishing up our series by learning all about SELF CONTROL! Check out the video and enjoy the Bible activities below.


  • What is self control?
  • Why is self control important?
  • Who is responsible for your actions?
  • What is something you want to achieve? (Better at free throws? Better at drawing faces? Increasing my garden?) How can you demonstrate self control as you accomplish your goal?

Ninja Game: Self Control

Ninja Game For Family to Play (Instructions in action)

  • Begin with the players standing in a circle facing one another. They should be at least two arm lengths apart.
  • They bow to one another and then take a martial arts pose.
  • Each player must choose to hop or strike on their move.
  • A strike must be aimed at the other player’s hand. The defender is allowed to move that hand. If the attacker hits that hand, it becomes out of play. Once a player loses both hands they are eliminated.
  • There can be only one champion, but then you’re free to restart the game.