Announcement: Meeting inside 9 AM. Masks required. Online at 11 AM

K-5th GRADE LESSON July 26th

July 26th

Family Bible Activity: First do something fun and easy for you to do as a family: Go for a bike ride, swim, or create something together. Once you are done talk to your kids that sometimes life is fun and easy and sometimes life can be not fun and we have to do hard things. Discuss what is one thing you want to accomplish together or individually and set a goal. This could be learning how to ride a bike or swim, learn to make a special dinner together, write a book, serve others with a special project that requires you to give up something. 

Encourage them to pray about every day and each week pray together about it and talk about where you guys are in the process. During the process, help them to find Bible verses to get direction or encouragement. Support them and celebrate when your family accomplished their goals. 

Bonus: Kids learn by watching us. Challenge yourself to also do something hard and tell them you are doing it. Tell them how your process is. They will watch how you react to the tough moments and the good moments. It could be something like reading your Bible every morning, running a 5K, or decluttering your home. Whatever it is, be transparent with them and let them see you have tough moments too.