Announcement: Service times: 9 & 10:45 AM. Mission Point Kids at 9 AM Service


Fall 2021 Series

We all look and grasp for truth, looking for answers that deep down our hearts are seeking. Questions like:

"How did we get here?"

"Do I have a purpose?"

"Is there a God?"

"Can we know Him, and can He be trusted?"

Many often seek to define their own version of God.  But God is not defined by man, rather God has revealed Himself to us.  He has made Himself known. He has revealed His nature and character, so that He can be known.  God has made himself known in different ways and to different people throughout history, which has been recorded in the Scriptures.

During these next eight weeks we are going to study God’s character and nature found in the Bible.  My hope is that we will walk away with a grandeur and more clearer view of who God is, causing us to trust Him, worship Him, and experience Him in a real and life transforming way.